Tips for Caregivers

In the San Jose Mercury News today, there was a wonderful article entitled "Rx for caregivers".  http://www.mercurynews.com/

The author of the article, Joanna H. Kraus, chronicles the obstacles and challenges that she faced caring for her husband who suffered from a heart attack and stroke.  Her sage advice is helpful for individuals who are caring for a loved one.  She provides many different tips.  I thought that the following were some of the most helpful:

  1. If friends offer to help, have a list ready of small things that you need assistance with.  For example, preparation of a meal, visit your loved one, or conduct some research regarding an item that you need to buy, etc...
  2. When people offer unsolicited advice, smile coureously and just say "Thanks, I will consider it."
  3. When you are feeling impatient, try counting to 10, perhaps in a different language.
  4. Join a caregiver support group.
  5. Talk to your friends openly and honestly about your concerns and fears. 
  6. Take time to take care of yourself.

The article appeared in the Lifestyle section of the San Jose Mercury News today, June 9, 2013.