Veterans Resource Summit

Last night, I attended the Veterans Resource Summit sponsored by Prudential and Work 2 Future.  Prudential is commited to assisting our nation's veterans.  They offer job opportunities for veterans, training programs, and they support veterans service organizations.  www.prudential.com/veterans.  Work 2 Furture is a program within the City of San Jose Office of Economic Development which provides job seekers with skills and training.  They also offer programs for youth with career and job assistance advice.  www.work2future.biz. 

The meeting brought together employers, community leaders and veterans to discuss job development and training for veterans, as well as benefits which our available to our veterans.  It was a informative night in which I learned quite a bit about services and training programs available for our veterans. 

There are a number of programs available such as the Veterans Career Technical Training through the Metropolitan Education District.  They offer a variety of free classes ranging from dental assisting, fire science, and electrical maintenance.  For more information, please visit their website at:  www.MedtroED.net/vets.

The south Bay Blue Star Moms (southbaystarmoms.org) are a support group for parents with children overseas.  They are active in sending care packages and postcards to our troops. 

These are just a few of the resources available.  I wish to thank Prudential and Work2Future for making this event possible.