Four Step Action Plan for Choosing an Agent for your Advance Health Care Directive

End-of-Life planning and decisions can be an overwhelming subject, but it can be managed by using this four step action plan.

1.      Planning

The first step is to educate yourself about the issues and think about what healthcare treatment you would or would not want.  Reach out to your healthcare professional or other educational resources where you can learn about the various options and alternatives.

2.      Preparing

Preparing starts with a conversation.  Talk to your loved ones about your wishes.  Start an open dialogue with your loved ones and start to communicate what is important to you. 

3.      Documenting

Prepare the document and make sure that it is properly witnessed or notarized.  There are various health organizations that can help with the preparation of the document.

4.      Reviewing

Review your document at least once a year.  Make sure that it reflects your end-of-life wishes.  If it does not, then create a new document which reflects your wishes.