Do You Have The Timeshare Blues?

I receive a lot of telephone calls from clients who have timeshares that they want to sell.  I generally receive the call after the client has tried to sell the timeshare and has been unsuccessful.  

If you are in this situation, I have discovered a few organizations who accept timeshare donations.  They are as follows: 

Donate for a Cause

3701 Trakker Trail, Suite 2J

Bozeman, MT 59718

(877) 822-2873

Gifts for Sight Timeshare Donation Program

Center for Keratoconus

2360 Mendocino Ave. #A2-390

Santa Rosa, CA 95403 

1(800) 595-6820

This can be a win-win for both you and the organization.  The non-profit organization receives a timeshare that they can use to help their program, and you will receive a tax deduction.  However, whether the non-profit will accept your donation will depend on the marketability of your particular timeshare.